Gekokujo Kyuji (2023)

Gekokujo Kyuji (2023)

Other name:下剋上球児 げこくじょうきゅうじ 하극상 야구 소년 下剋上球兒 Gekokujou Kyuuji Worst to First: A Teen Baseball Miracle Их худших в лучшие: Чудо юношеской бейсбольной команды

Director: Tsukahara Ayuko [塚原あゆ子]

Country: Japanese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama, Sports


Nagumo Shuji played baseball for a long time. His life revolved around baseball, but while he played for his university baseball team, he was injured. Due to his injury, Nagumo Shuji quit baseball and dropped out of school. He then worked as a sports trainer, but he made the decision to pursue his dream of becoming a teacher. At the age of 32, he enrolled at a university again and studied to become a teacher. Now, Nagumo Shuji works as a social studies teacher at Etsuzan High School in Mie Prefecture. He is married to Mika, and they live with Mika's father and their two children. Their two children are Aozora, who is from Mika's previous relationship, and their daughter Nagisa. Meanwhile, there is a baseball team at Etsuzan High School, but they have not had many winning seasons. Inuzuka Mikio is a rich man from a prestigious family. His grandson enters Etsuzan High School, and his goal is to play baseball professionally in the United States. For his grandson, Inuzuka Mikio supports the high school baseball team, and Nagumo Shuji becomes an advisor for the team. (Source: AsianWiki) Episodes: 10
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