Weaving a Tale of Love Season 2 (2023)

Weaving a Tale of Love Season 2 (2023)

Other name:风起西州 第二部 风起霓裳 第二部 风起西州 2 Feng Qi Xi Zhou Di Er Ji Feng Qi Xi Zhou 2 Weaving a Tale of Love S2 Weaving a Tale of Love 2 Ветер поднимается в Сичжоу 2

Director: Chan Ka Lam [陈家霖] and He Zhen Hua [何振华]

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Historical, Novel, Romance


Kudi Liu Li and Pei Xing Jian have a harmonious marriage. When he is demoted from his position, she follows him to Xizhou where they encounter the young noble Qu Chong Yu. Qu Chong Yu is very wary of Pei Xing Jian who has suddenly been assigned an official post and purposely makes trouble for the new arrivals. The couple shares the same mind and heart in doing what's best for the people. Their sincerity eventually moves Qu Chong Yu thus turning an enemy into a friend. Meanwhile, Su Hai Zheng who is the Anxi Grand Protectorate have detained Pei Xing Jian for their own benefit. Liu Li mobilizes the people of Xizhou to write their pleas to help her husband return home. When danger looms, she once again uses her ingenuity in ensuring the safety of the people of Xizhou. (Source: ChineseDrama.info) Adapted from the novel “Da Tang Ming Yue” (大唐明月) by Lan Yun Shu (蓝云舒). Episodes: 37
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